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Who I work with

Well quite a few really. I believe in treating clients like long term partners. Working together should be as easy as if you were working together in the same office. Communication is frequent and work is completed promptly (often within 1 hour of hiring) so that you never have to guess the progress of your project or worry if it will be completed on time.

David Ayers Voiceover

About the voice

Down to Earth

Whether it's Automotive commercials, voicing viral ads on YouTube, narrating instructional videos for Facebook, or pitching network promos, I provide a dynamic range of voice-over. When it comes to producing professional voice-overs for your project, get in contact..

If you like giving direction, then great! I love it. It's wonderful to hear another voice in the studio!

David Ayers Voiceover


-Professional voice over recording studio
- Phone Patch / skype / source connect
- Sound files supplied as MP3 or WAV
- Files supplied via file sharing site / email

You can speak to me live in the studio during the session and hear my voice in real time (see below).

David Ayers Voiceover


Please get in contact with me for a quote for voice over work. I would like to know what it is (Radio, IVR, etc) where it will be used (local, national or international) and the script length.

As a guide this is roughly what I charge

- Educational & corporate:
60 second corporate explainer - £250
120 second corporate explainer - £350

- Radio spots (adverts):
Local - £200

Direct me during the session

voice over

Source connect

Connect at broadcast-quality to listen, speak and direct during the session.

Source connect does not work on IOS.

My voice over user name is DavidAyers

You will need:
- Chrome browser
- Headphones or speaker
- Any microphone

voice over


An alternative to source connect, and what some of my clients already have.

Works on anything. Even an X-Box.

My voice over name is david_52689

Other information

More about me, if you really want to know!

I love voice over. Some say I love my pro audio
voice. The former is certainly true. Even when it's a freezing day and I'm frozen in my studio, voice over still carries on (and so does my voice). In actual fact many people tell me to be quiet. However when I am in voice over mode, it comes over as warm, friendly, down to earth and sincere. Honest it does. Really.
So why am I doing voice over? It's fun and it pays well (ish). I can work odd hours and it is wonderful having your own pro audio business. And a pro audio
voice of course.That sense of fun and "voice over down to earth sincerity" comes across in your product too. 
I am constantly investing in voice over training again and again to ensure you get the best pro audio sound
what you are after. It's not the same voice over course however, as that wouldn't be very clever would it?
So that is voice over for me. And my voice of course.

You have a studio?? What about studio recording??

Well yes. I like to call it a studio anyway. It produces a quality studio recording particularly for voice over material. For the techies I can tell you it is dead (-80db). Some others call it a summer house, and it is, technically, but a heavily modified summer house for studio recording. I even painted it green, so you could call it a green studio recording house. Anyway, 
it has lots of goodies in it especially for voice over projects. Goodies such as condenser microphone
and dynamic microphone specifically for studio recording. More digital workstations that you can shake a stick at (Avid pro tools, Adobe Audition, Reaper). Loads of other techie things as well, to make my studio recording voice and your project sound superbly wonderful and delivered to you quicker than the taxman's invoice. I did say I used a condenser microphone and a dynamic microphone didn't I? 


Many people ask where I am. Well, I live in the middle of the UK in a town called Stratford Upon Avon. It is where William Shakespeare was born and has a major theatrical feeling to the town. About an hour from London, but with the internet I am connected to anywhere in the world, almost at any time of the day. I should point out that is not every hour of the day though. I do have to sleep sometimes. There are other voice over actors in the town, and also other studios which I can access if my studio melts in the sunshine or freezes in the snow.
As far as voice over services go, I can be in Birmingham or London within an hour and a half(ish).

Why should you use me? I mean, why?

I give you what you want, even when you don't know what it is. Voice over is in me, and if you want a voice that is as my description then that is what you will get. Plain and simple really.
I don't dress things up.  If I cannot do something you will be told about it. If I can help you out further with other voice over services you will be told about that too. 
You get my voice in the best way possible and the quickest way possible.
If you want to hear my voice then go to the demo section. There are loads of them. We all have an attention span of six seconds so that is the time I give myself to get your message across from my voice.

If you want some inspiration

Let me save you some time here. Need some help with your explainer video? If you don't know where to start, have a look at this first from the video brewery. It's pretty good as it gives a few different examples.
How are you going to produce the explainer? Well, you could do it in-house. Here is a review of three popular packages. I have used videoscribe on my youtube channel and I think it turned out OK.

A number of years ago it was pretty popular to have ISDN installed in home studios to allow clients to listen to the voice over artist as he or she was recording. These days, in my opinion, ISDN is almost redundant as internet bandwidth and connection speeds have increased dramatically. Consequently, telecommunications companys take advantage of this technology to provide ISDN equivalents at a fraction of the cost (eg. source connect, IPDTL).

Working out the costs

Time is money right? Start out with the number of words to convert them into the time taken to read them. As a rough guide you can use speechinminutes. This is mainly good for long form narration such as audiobooks, but you can still make use of it with explainer videos. So how much to budget for? Well if you are in the US the global voice academy is well used. However, I tend to use the rates on gravy for the brain as it is UK based.

As you can see there is a myriad of combinations, but these sites give you a start!
Sometimes it is easier just to send me an email or give me a call for a quote.

Get in touch with my voice!

Send me a message - it's always wonderful to hear your voice from clients old and new!

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