I want a british voiceover, where do I start?

Let's start here

The information David needs is:

- A sample script, or an idea of what you want to do.

- What you want the voice for (ie. is it an elearning project, or perhaps to voice a video on your website or a facebook advert).

- Approximately how long you want the voice over to be (this could be in words or time).

- Where the voice over will be used (online, national TV or somewhere else).

Send an email for a quote to david@davidayers.net

Sample of your script?
If you need a sample of your script then just ask. No problem! David is quite used to doing this, and the sample is the same quality as the finished product so you know what to expect. No surprises!

Listening as David records your project?
No problem. You want David to do the voiceover, but you want to listen and speak to him in real time whilst he records it for you? You want to give him prompts as he reads the script? It's easy. All you need is a phone or a Skype account. You can even do it from your laptop. 

So, should the voice fit the speed of the video or the video fit the speed of the voice?
This is something my voice over clients often ask me. Voice overs typcially speak on average at 130 words per minute. What I see quite often which works pretty well, is having a script which splits the whole video down into segments with the relevant times.

David wants your project to succeed as much as you do. After all, what he aims for every time is quality and speed.

Oh hold on, you aren't a well known brand or agency? Fear not. David believes everyone has equal importance, and it shows. Take a look at the testimonials written by some of David's clients (there wasn't room to include all of them!)

How much?

How much does David charge as a voice over artist? He doesn't like nasty surprises, and neither should you! David charges around the voiceover industry average, but be assured he isn't average in what he gives you in terms of voice over performance.

There is a minimum fee of £100. 

For a more accurate quote email david@davidayers.net

  • ELEARNING / EDUCATIONAL / MEDICAL TRAINING  - £0.30 per word for internal use only. 
  • INTERNET VIDEO / WEBSITE VIDEO / FACEBOOK VIDEO - Internet or website video (ie. a video lasting for two minutes going on facebook, youtube, vimeo or your website etc.) £200
  • CORPORATE - £200 per hour or part thereof. Complex worded script (such as in medical or technical scripts) £250 per hour or part thereof.
  • TELEPHONE / INTERACTIVE VOICE RECORDING (IVR) - £200 per hour or part of.